Your roof is covered.

Peak 301® is the all-natural, do-it-all answer for aging asphalt shingles: an application of chemistry-correcting formula that’s guaranteed to give your roof years of life.

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Protect your roof from day one to day two or three thousand.

Peak 301 works its way through every single part of every single shingle to fix the chemistry that breaks down over time. One application will add at least 6 years to your roof. Guaranteed by warranty. But as long as your shingles are in decent shape, it’ll be more like adding a decade.


Day-to-day shingle damage reversed from weather and wear.


More granules rebuilt for better protection from UV rays.


Reduction in the risk of the spread of fire on your roof.


Flexibility restored to prevent cracking and curling.

More than skin deep.

Peak 301’s chemistry-correcting formula saturates the entire shingle, molecule by molecule, to reverse damage and restore your roof.

Protect your pockets from a new roof, too.

With Peak 301, you’ll pay less than 25% of what you would’ve paid for a whole new roof. Even compared to the cheapest estimate from the iffiest roofing contractor in your city.

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Peak 301

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