The truth (and proof) about roof lifespan.

All the molecular engineering in the world doesn’t mean much if it can’t cut it in the real world. So we put Peak 301 to the test and proved it was the best roof fix for homeowners.

The benefits of Peak 301 speak for themselves.


  • Increased grit retention
  • Reversed UV aging
  • Improved fire protection
  • Restored flexibility


  • Dry
  • Cracked
  • Faded
  • Weak

The all-natural, do-it-all answer that’s also more affordable.

Peak 301 is so smart and so sustainable in design that it doesn’t cost as much as other roof replacement alternatives, like roof sprays and roof coatings. Even though it’s far more effective.

That’s how much you can expect to save compared to the cost of another spray-on rejuvenator.
That’s how much you can expect to save compared to the cost of a roof replacement.

Peak 301 is better by the numbers.

When we sent Peak 301 to an independent lab for head-to-head testing, it de-aged shingles by 30% more than what was supposed to be the best spray-on rejuvenator. In fact, the other roof rejuvenator made shingles so squishy that the whole roof would’ve been weakened after the application.

Other Rejuvenator

Grit Retention

Did somebody say fire resistance?

Independent testing also showed that one application of Peak 301 reduced the spread of fire from 44 inches down to 14 inches. That’s a 68% improvement in fire protection for your roof.

Ready to hit reset on your roof?